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After you turn 65, you may purchase or change Medicare Supplements (Medigap) any time of the year. There are no set enrollment periods for Medicare Supplements.

Medicare Supplements (Medigap)

You may sign up for Medicare Supplements, initially, a few months before your 65th birthday, effective the month you turn 65.

You must sign up for a Medicare Supplement before the 6th month after you turn 65, if you want to be guaranteed coverage.

Medicare Supplements can be obtained anytime after your 65th birthday, if the carrier accepts your medical history.

They must accept you during this initial time, until the 6th month following your 65th birthday.

The only other instance, where you would be guaranteed acceptance, is if you moved or lost coverage.

Then you have 63 days to enroll, after that qualifying incident.

Outside of these parameters, you will need to go through a medical underwriting process prior to acceptance.

Our agents can help you decide what’s best in your particular situation.

Original Medicare / Med Advantage / PDP

The following enrollment period information is for Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans:

If you miss the initial Enrollment Period or Special Enrollment Period, you have two more opportunities to enroll: